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Client Profile

Cox Automotive Inc. makes buying, selling, owning and using cars easier for everyone. With their technology, market intelligence, and products and services, Cox Automotive simplifies the trusted exchange and mobility of vehicles and maximizes value for dealers, manufacturers and car shoppers.  To learn more about Cox Automotive, visit


The client wanted to move their SharePoint data into the cloud for their legacy 2010 Autotrader and Manheim 2010 and 2013 environments.


Via the P&A and SP-SPO PROD Migration effort, ThreeWill helped Client migrate their 2010 and 2013 Manheim farms, along with their 2010 Autotrader farm On Premises SharePoint content to Microsoft 365 (SharePoint and Teams).


  • Collaboratively worked with Client to help ensure clarity on criteria for deleting and archiving sites.
  • Wrote a script targeting the web level to apply the Migration Banners.
  • Provided a script that could help identify SiteOwners.
  • Utilized the Fuel Transfer Path tool as an avenue for the SiteOwners to respond using the Disposition Change Request Form as to whether they wanted their site to be migrated.
  • Continuously worked with Client to help ensure the Web Inventory List, which ultimately tracked the disposition status and acted as a data source for the disposition app, stayed updated throughout the project.
  • Created SharePoint area for logging the CAI SP-SPO Issues.  Also provided Cox supporting documentation for logging the issues.

Business Benefits

  • Decommission or stop using the Farms at some point as needed.
    • All farms are currently in redirect mode, at the end of life, which is ultimately targeting for decommissioning.
  • The Analysis and Planning effort allowed an opportunity to identify the SiteOwners and notify them via the use of a Banner/Email of the upcoming SP migration.  It also provided a Pause Period, which allowed sufficient time for the Client to collect feedback from the SiteOwners that helped to determine whether Migration was needed for their site.
  • The Analysis and Planning helped Client determine out of 5000+ webs, ultimately only around 100 needed to be included with the SP to SPO Production Migration.
  • By moving their data to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, the Client ultimately is helping their resources to work smarter and collaborate together.​

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