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Client Profile

Global information services company serves the legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and healthcare markets. They operate in over 150 countries and have over 19K employees.


The client’s Service Excellence organization was planning to implement the Salesforce Service Cloud solution for their customers and Service Excellence and Sales teams.  The Service Cloud solution would provide new functionality for submitting, updating and viewing Customer Cases as well as provide a new Knowledge base to support all of the client’s call centers.  As a result of this new Service Cloud implementation, the site would need to be integrated with Service Cloud to support customers creating, updating and viewing of support Cases and to allow customers to search the new Service Cloud Knowledge base.


By leveraging the client’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and the Service Cloud API’s, ThreeWill was able to provide employees and customers with access to Service Cloud Cases ands Knowledgebase via the Support Site.  This included supporting a phased rollout of Service Cloud which meant supporting different back-end service applications for Cases and Knowledgebase for each call center.

Business Benefits

The client now has a fully implemented and integrated Service Excellence platform, Salesforce Service Cloud integrated with the client’s Support Site, for their customers and employees.  This enabled the client to move to a cloud-based solution for their Service Excellence team, yet preserving the UX for the customer who accesses Cases and Knowledgebase information via the Support Portal.

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