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Client Profile

A nationally based insurance company focusing on providing insurance products and services focused on the construction industry.


The customer had a strong background in leveraging on-premises Microsoft solutions but wanted to leverage the benefits of a comprehensive Microsoft 365 cloud-based IT services strategy.

The goal of this strategy was to enable users to collaborate with, implement, and consume IT services easily and with less IT intervention while promoting sustainable and secure governance practices.


ThreeWill conducted workshops and reviews of existing business applications to identify communication, collaboration, and coordination challenges/opportunities. Working in conjunction with customer leadership, technology teams, business analysts, and subject matter experts, ThreeWill developed a comprehensive IT strategy with specific/actionable strategic recommendations for implementing a Microsoft 365-based Digital Workplace.

ThreeWill implemented standard processes for business-critical systems provisioning, use, management, and maintenance.

Business Benefits

  • Clarity –  Defined a strategy to promote accessibility, mobility, intra- and inter-departmental collaboration, and increase the businesses’ ability to manage risk.
  • Focus – Strategy enabled:
    1. Business users to focus on supporting business requirements/processes and addressing collaboration challenges via low-friction consumption of standard digital workplace services.
    2. The IT team to focus on enabling and supporting core business solutions.
  • Order – Explicitly identified future path (replace, migrate, sunset, or leave as-is) for existing business applications.
  • Governance – Established high-level usage classifications, security and content governance strategy, and policies for services and features. ​


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