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Client Profile

An industry leader in third-party yard management services.


The company had manual, paper-based, error-prone safety, compliance, and financial processes that needed to be standardized and automated in order to reduce errors, increase productivity, and enable reporting to support business growth.  


The Microsoft 365 Intranet was available to hundreds of sites and thousands of users across the US.  Mobile and desktop forms available to thousands of resources and centralized workflow.  Simplified form completion (mobile phone), submission and automated workflow, routing, document generation, and archival improved overall efficiency, compliance, and near real-time reporting.  

Business Benefits

  • Increased data integrity
  • Simplified and standardized forms 
  • Mobile-enabled forms and submission
  • Automated document generation
  • Improved long-term archival and compliance management 
  • Significantly reduced new client onboarding time

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