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Client Profile

Lazer Spot is the industry leader in third-party yard management services. Spotting and local shuttles are their core business.


Improve the Driver Observations update process and file structure capabilities.


We were able to accomplish this by completing the following User Stories:

  • Migrate all data for observations to Azure tablestorage (Design/POC)
  • Implement migrating all data for observations to Azure tablestorage
  • Create a new Flow workflow that is triggered off of a new Observation.
  • Updates the existing dashboard code to use the new backend table storage.
  • Modify the existing Nintex equipment attachment workflow to copy the attached inspection form to the fleet sites associated truck folder
  • Have a truck folder structure provisioning in the fleet site, which includes creating when needed the truck folder and structure, along with providing email notification to key resources identified when the folder structure is created.

Business Benefits

  • The existing report can be updated to consume table storage data.
  • Table Storage is the single source of truth and reporting for Observations data.
  • Lazer Spot management all have the same view of the operational metrics.
  • Inspections are stored centrally in a consistent location to support DOT audits.
  • This is of great benefit to the Fleet team given Federal Government requires documents to be stored in the Truck File.​

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