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Client Profile

PGi is the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services. They have an expanding portfolio of purpose-built applications designed to meet the daily collaboration and communications needs of business professionals, with solutions for web, video and audio conferencing, smart calendar management, webcasting, project management and sales productivity.


PGi decided to standardize on SharePoint in Microsoft 365 as their internal collaboration platform. There was key content in Jive that needed to be maintained going forward on SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Additionally, the Jive license was set to expire in 2 months so it was critical for the migration to be completed before the license expiration.


ThreeWill leveraged it’s Jive to SharePoint Migration Utilities and Agile Migration process to migrate critical Jive content to Microsoft 365 before the expiration of the Jive licenses. This included a final Archive of all Jive content into a Migration database for future reference and extract. Additionally, this included leveraging the branding templates developed by Brightstarr for PGI’s new Intranet Portal.

Business Benefits

  • PGi was able to save the annual cost of the Jive license fee and was able to move to a new, consolidated collaboration platform in Microsoft 365.
  • All critical content from the Jive platform was preserved and is now available for continued collaboration on the Microsoft 365 platform.

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