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Client Profile

Cox Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held global conglomerate headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, with approximately 55,000 employees and $21 billion in total revenue. Its major operating subsidiaries are Cox Communications, Cox Automotive, and Cox Media Group. The company’s major national brands include AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, and more.


Cox Enterprise’s IT SharePoint sites lacked consistency and conformity to any type of internal standards or even industry standards.

Therefore, a sense of “silos” was felt between the different groups within the organization. The organization wanted to create a “standard” for SharePoint sites, including overall look and feel, while also implementing these changes using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality.


ThreeWill recommended and implemented a Hub & Spoke model for the technology organization and then partnered with the organization to develop a standard “Technology Team”.  A SharePoint communications site template was used across all of the technology teams.

The template included a standard look and feel, as well as standard homepage web-part features to promote a team’s “Services”, “People”, and “News”. Additional standard features included a team “Knowledge Base” repository as well as “Q&A / FAQ” page. The Hub page brought all of these sites together with top-level navigation promoting all of the technology organization’s “Our’s” – e.g. “Our Organization”, “Our Leadership”, “Our Teams”, “Our Services”, and “Our Culture”. The Hub home page also contained sections to promote “News”, “Employee Spotlight”, and “Leadership News.”

In addition to standardizing technology team sites, ThreeWill also created a SharePoint “Site Request Form” for anyone who wanted a SharePoint communications site. As part of the site request process, ThreeWill implemented a site approval workflow as well as auto-provision processes to create approved “Technology Team” sites and standard out-of-the-box communications sites.

Business Benefits

  • Consistency – Provided a consistent look and feel, navigation, search, as well as feature-set, across the various teams’ SharePoint sites
  • Centrality – Enabled site requests to be made from a single location (Site Request Form)
  • Communication – Provided the ability for Site Request Administrators to be notified of and respond to SharePoint site requests quickly and efficiently
  • Modernization – Provided the organization with enhanced sites that utilize Microsoft’s Modern SharePoint site approach and architecture


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